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Pack web store

Pack web store


  • Hosting de 10 gigas
  • Dominio ya sea:  Com .Org .Net
  • Edición de Contenido
  • 50 cuentas de correo con su dominio
  • Posicionamiento SEO para Home page
  • Diseño Responsive (adaptable a tab y  smartphone)
  • Creación de página de servicios
  • Creación de tienda en línea (hasta 20 productos )
  • Landing page de contactarnos con notificación por correo electrónico
  • Contenidos del Sitio Web de 4 páginas
  • Página web auto administrable tipo CMS
  • Conexión con redes sociales
  • seguridad SSL( para evitar hackeos)




Hosting of 4 gigabytes
Domain options: .Com, .Org, .Net
Content Editing
25 email accounts with your domain
SEO positioning for the Home page
Creation of an online store, e-commerce gateway with 25 products
Responsive Design (compatible with tablets and smartphones)
Service page creation
Landing page with email notification
Content for a 4-page website
Self-administrable website using a CMS platform
Integration with social media platforms
SSL Security (to prevent hacking)

This package offers exceptional value without compromising quality. It features a professional design that adapts perfectly to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, ensuring optimal display across various screen resolutions.

By leveraging SEO techniques, your business will stand out on Google, making it easier for potential customers to find your products or services.

We include 25 personalized email accounts, enhancing a solid business image in all your communications.

The 4-page website allows you to detail your company’s vision, mission, history, and services, incorporating an effective landing page for contacts and inquiries.

Additionally, we provide an initial online store for 10 products or services, with the flexibility to expand at no extra cost, as long as it does not exceed 4GB of information.

Security is paramount; therefore, we implement SSL certificates to protect your store against potential cyber threats.

Finally, after the first year, we only charge an annual fee of $200, ensuring a continuous and profitable digital presence.

Pack web store